Four Reasons Small Businesses That Don’t Take Credit Cards Need To Make The Jump

For many small businesses, one of the toughest aspects of trying to stay afloat is simply not having the resources and funds of a larger business. That often means trying to do more with less. One of the biggest areas that a lot of small businesses try to skimp on is taking credit cards. Avoid the credit card processing fees, and that means more money for the business, right? Not at all. Here are four reasons that small businesses that don't take credit cards need to start as soon as they can.

Reason #1: Cards Are Simply Replacing Cash One of the biggest reasons for a small business to make the jump to accepting cards if they're not already is the fact that many people just don't carry cash any more. 78% of people have less than $50 cash at any give time, almost 50% have less than $20, and 10% carry no cash at all. Don't leave your doors closed to half the population.

Reason #2: Cards Are Easier For the Customer It's a simple rule, but it's important: don't make it hard for the customer to make a purchase. If you don't take cards, and your customer has to leave to get cash from an ATM, there's a great chance they may not come back. There's no easier way to spend than swiping a card. If a customer wants to make a purchase in that moment, make sure they're able to.


Reason #3: Cards Can Actually Improve A Small Business' Cash Flow Small business credit card transactions are usually processed very quickly, with funds deposited in the business' bank account in just a few days. With credit card payments, there's no waiting for a check to clear, no having to drive to the bank to physically make a deposit, and no billing the customer. The only way to get cash from a small business sale into a bank account faster is to drive to the bank every single day to deposit cash, and that's just not something most people have time for.


Reason #4: Cards Make People Spend More Money Customers spend 12 to 18% more when using a card compared to cash. Experts generally believe this is because people spend more when they don't see cash actually leaving their hand. Swiping a credit card isn't "real" money to many people.

If you're interested in accepting credit cards for your small business, there's no easier way that with mobile credit card processing. Payments can be taken on almost any smartphone or tablet, meaning there's no equipment needed other than the actual small card reader. Look into companies like Midwest Payment Processing to get started.

Overall, credit cards let customers spend more, and spend more easily. Add to that the fact that they often let the business get their money in the bank more quickly than other methods, and it's hard to see why any business would still remain cash only in today's world. A business that doesn't accept credit cards is only taking money out of their pockets!