Need To Make Money To Pay Off Your Christmas Debt? Sell Some Gold

If you spent too much money on Christmas and used a credit card to do so, you may be having a hard time paying it back. To help you, there are things you can do to make some extra money so you can get your credit cards paid off quicker. One of these things is by selling gold. If you have any gold jewelry lying around your home, you may be surprised that you can make some money from it. You can make quite a lot depending on the type of gold you have. Below is some more information about this so you can determine if it would be right for you.

Find a Buyer

When selling gold, you need to find a reputable gold buyer before you start selling. This is important because a reputable buyer will give you the right amount for the gold you are selling. You can look online for gold buyers in your area and see what their reputation is. Before you sell to someone online, check them out first. If you are selling on an auction site, you should be able to check their reviews.

You can visit jewelry shops in your area to see if they will buy the gold jewelry for you if you cannot find a gold buyer in your area.

You can place an ad in your local paper. If you decide to do this, you will likely have to meet the buyer somewhere near you in person. This can be a risk so make sure you take someone with you.

Determine What Your Gold Is Worth

Take time to determine how much your gold is worth. You can do this by finding similar pieces online that are being sold at auctions. If you want to be sure you know the right amount, take your gold to an appraiser to help you with this. This is an important part of this process because you could easily sell something for far less than what you could have made with it.

Prepare the Gold

You need to prepare your gold jewelry before you sell it. Restoring the pieces will bring you in more money. You may just need to wash them off with some warm water and liquid dish soap. Use a brush with soft bristles to gently clean the gold and then let everything air dry. If you cannot get the jewelry clean, purchase a jewelry cleaner to clean them with.

If you do not have a lot of gold to sell, go to yard sells and auctions in your area to see if you can purchase pieces at low prices and then sell them at a higher price.