3 Ways To Make Bail And Which One Is Best

Getting arrested is certainly unexpected but if you find yourself in this position, you will need to snap out of it quickly if you want to get back to your family as soon as possible. You may have an opportunity to go home before your trial if the judge sets a court bail bond. But when it comes time to pay for the bond, how will you do it? Here are three different options that are commonly available in most courts.

Pay Cash

The most obvious way to make bail is to simply pay cash for the full amount. This might not be a big deal if the bail is only a few hundred or few thousand dollars depending on how much you have in the bank. But if you have been accused of a more serious crime, your bail could costs tens of thousands of dollars and that can quickly become more than you can handle.

Post Collateral

If the cash amount of the bail is too high, another option that might be available to you is to post bond collateral. You are essentially telling the court that you will give up a piece of property if you do not show up on time for your court date. Common collateral could include your car, your house or maybe luxury item like your jewelry or a boat. You'll have to sign a document stating that you give up all rights to this property if you break the terms of your bail. This could save you some cash but could also be quite nerve wracking. One bad move and you might lose something quite important to you.

Use a Bail Bond Service

The third option and probably the best is to retain the services of a bail bondsman in your area. A licensed bail bonds service can show up to post bail for you 24 hours a day so you can get home to your family as soon as possible. The bail bond service will likely charge you a percentage of the total bond set by the judge. This will prevent you from having to pay the entire amount in cash or put up an expensive piece of collateral to cover your bail.

When you are put in jail, you are often given an option to post bail to get out ahead of your court date. For best results, go to this website or contact a bail bondsman about your situation today.