4 Myths About Bail Bonds You Need To Know

If you're in jail without the cash on hand to pay for your own bail, you'll need to resort to using a bail bond to get out. However, you may have misconceptions about the bail bond process which make it more complicated for you. Here is the truth behind some common myths about bail bonds.

Myth: Crimes Have Predetermined Bail Amounts

When a judge sets bail for a crime that you are accused of, you may have assumed that there are set bail amounts for each type of crime. This is not true, since there are several factors that go into how much you need to pay to get an early release from jail. A judge will consider factors such as if you are a flight risk, how serious the crime was, and if you are a danger to the community. In some situations, you may not even have to pay bail, since it's possible to be released on your own recognizance.

Myth: Bail Bonds Are Free

Another misconception about bail bonds is that using one won't cost a thing. Many people wrongfully assume that bondsman makes money off of collateral claimed from people losing their bail by violating the terms. While all bail bonds require collateral of some sort, they also will cost fee that is based on the percentage of the bail needed. Larger bail amounts will require a larger premium in order to get you out of jail. The collateral is always returned when your trial has concluded as long as you do not violate the terms of the bail.

Myth: Bail Bonds Require Someone's Help To Purchase One

If you've heard stories about someone needing to purchase a bail bond for another person, it is usually due to circumstances where the arrested person could not afford their own bail. As someone that is arrested and awaiting a court date, you can arrange the purchase of a bail bond while in jail. The process can be started over the phone, with the premium being charged to a credit card if necessary.

Myth: Collateral Will Automatically Be Lost If Bail Terms Are Violated

If something does happen that causes the terms of the bail to be violated, know that the collateral will not automatically be lost. It is possible to appeal your bail being revoked and allow the bondsman to get their money back. Of course, this will depend on why the bail terms were violated, and the judge being sympathetic to your appeal.

For more information, reach out to a bail bond company near you.