3 Ways To Become A Better Gold Coin Collector

Coin enthusiasts across the country collect coins for a wide range of reasons. Some are interested in using their gold coins as an investment. Others value the history and evolution of society associated with coins. 

No matter why you choose to start collecting gold coins, it's important that you stick to a few strict rules if you want to avoid wasting a lot of money over time. Here are three simple things that you can do to become a better gold coin collector in the future.

1. Gain as Much Knowledge as Possible

Knowledge is power when it comes to collecting coins. Experienced collectors understand that knowledge can mean the difference between making a great investment in a rare coin and being taken advantage of by unscrupulous dealers.

You can continue to educate yourself about coins by subscribing to numismatic magazines. Attend coin shows and strive to develop a network of collectors that you can call upon for help at any given point.

You should also take the time to learn as much as possible about the numismatic market. This knowledge will help you determine when to buy, sell, or save your gold coins to maximize their value.

2. Develop a Micro Perspective

One of the biggest mistakes that coin collectors make is failing to set goals and boundaries in regard to their collections. It's always better to take a micro approach when considering coins.

Rather than focusing on the entire coin market, select a unique niche that interests you. Focus your attention on the coins within this niche. It is much easier to become an expert on a small segment of coins than it is to become an expert on all coins as a whole.

Taking a micro perspective limits your attention to a narrow field of coins, and you will be able to identify higher-quality coins as a result.

3. Learn to Grade Coins

Novice coin collectors will usually rely on the grade assigned to coins by a dealer to inform their purchases. This approach to collecting could be costly if you end up working with an unscrupulous dealer.

Learning to grade coins for yourself will ensure you can identify the best quality gold coins.

You can learn to grade coins by completing a course through the American Numismatic Association, asking reputable coin dealers for tips on the grading process, and exposing yourself to as many coins as possible so that you can learn to easily spot the differences between each grade.

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